Nestled between beautiful trees and lush vegetation, you will find Nakayale Private Academy. The school is located in Etunda in the western Omusati Region of Namibia. The school opened its doors in January 2016 with 60 students, al receiving free tuition and boarding on the 50 hectares land donated to the Dirk Mudge Trust by the Western Diocese of ELCIN.


A decision was taken by the Dirk Mudge Trust to be the masters of our own destiny as far as funding the operations of the school for orphaned and marginalized children. Currently there are 75 students and 6 teachers, a principal, hostel manager, 11 kitchen- and cleaning staff members, 1 gardener, 3 maintenance and 4 security people. The school boasts 8 classrooms, girls and boys dormitories, a school hall that is the centre of activity, a kitchen area that serves balanced and nutritious food, to the staff and students.


The students were selected by following a process of standardized testing and physical evaluations. These students receive full scholarships, provision of school fees, accommodation, clothing, food and learning materials. The Trust invested heavily to ensure that this school for gifted children from disadvantaged communities, is well equipped to achieve the ultimate outcomes, set out in its vision.


Under the watchful eyes of the headmaster and dedicated staff, the students are lovingly supported and guided towards functioning optimally and eventually becoming leaders of their tomorrow.


Nakayale Private Academy is dedicated to providing children of all races, creeds and nationalities in Namibia with high quality education based on Christian values and principles and on innovative educational methods and practices.


Nakayale Private Academy is committed to providing students with a solid foundation of skills, knowledge and attitudes that will allow them to excel in their further studies and to eventually become competent, productive, contributing and tolerant citizens of Namibia. Its focus is on the holistic development of the child in that it provides opportunities for learning and growth in physical, emotional, social, spiritual and intellectual dimensions of the child.


Nakayale Private Academy is also committed to building strong parent/guardian-school relationships as well as to a strong community-school relationship.




Cultivating Leaders of Tomorrow.


Supporting the IDEALS of our country:











Pre-Primary (Gr. 0)

These phases provide the platform for students to advance to Grade 1. In Gr. 0 the emphasis is on learning and school readiness. The programme covered in this section includes the following:
  • Creative Work: Cutting, sticking, painting, drawing, sewing, baking – all of which enhance fine-motor co-ordination.
  • Rings: Telling of news, nature and interest discussions, Bible stories, music, physical education, perceptual games and memory development.
  • Free Play: Water, sand and imaginary play, home corner, construction toys, large apparatus.
  • Language: Language development and developmental skills learnt through discussion, informal interaction, songs, rhymes, discrimination, memory, integration and synthesis.
  • Oshindonga: Introduced as parallel language through stories, poetry, games and songs.

Lower Primary (Gr. 1, 2 and 3)

  • English Language work including reading
  • Literature Studies
  • Writing Skills and Rhythmic Writing
  • Spelling
  • Mathematics
  • Environmental Education
  • Oshindonga introduced as parallel medium of language, through stories, poetry, games and songs.
  • Art– to encourage creativity and develop fine motor skills and co-ordination.
  • Computer Studies – introductory level with small groups. Focus is mainly on early reading and numerical skills.
  • Music
  • Library
  • Religious Education – Bible stories and life lessons
  • Motor Skills

Upper Primary (Gr. 4, 5 6 & 7)

  • Mathematics
  • English Language – including group and independent reading, literature studies, and writing skills.
  • Social Studies – the core Namibian syllabus is used with extension work to expand knowledge in Geography and History.
  • Natural Science and Health Education – the core syllabus is used and is extended to incorporate exposure.
  • Art – in addition to drawing, also includes 3 dimensional creative designs.
  • Computer Studies – emphasis is on pupils becoming computer literate.
  • Oshindoga - Emphasis is on developing writing, reading and communication skills.
  • Physical Education
  • Class Music
  • Library
  • Religious Education




The culture at Nakayale is fun and we aim to inspire students’ imaginations in safe and inclusive ways.

As the students participate in art, drama and music classes, we aim to bring out the natural talent that is in each child.




Art and Dendrology

In Art the students are given the opportunity to experience and explore a wide variety of skills and to become acquainted with the language and concepts of art. Drawing, painting and printing on various surfaces, creating collages and constructions are all part of the fun.

We aim to give students a solid grounding in as many media as is possible as well as a love for the creative experience – enjoying the journey is important.

In dendrology students are introduced to the science and study of the indigenous trees that are in their environment. They are taught the scientific names as well as the uses of the differentspecies. 

We aim to give students a solid grounding in as many media as is possible as well as a love for the creative experience – enjoying the journey is important.



The students get opportunities to perform in school plays, carol service performances, class assemblies and smaller group sketches. We host an annual school production that involves each and every student from the school.



Class music is incorporated in the daily school timetable. During these lessons, students are introduced to the basic elements of music, they discuss famous composers from different classical eras, and are given the opportunity to play on percussion instruments.

The school has a choir that practices in allocated timeslots




Sport is a very important part of life at Nakayale Private Academy, and all our students are encouraged to participate. Sport helps each individual to grow mentally, physically and it promotes a healthy self esteem and self confidence.

Our school competes in the community as far as is possible.

We support a healthy competitive spirit, but also encourage our students to enjoy themselves and have fun with their peers.


Our students are taught to practice and improve their skills in the various disciplines of athletics. Students also participate in meetings held in the local community.




Swimming is part of our school curriculum and is compulsory. Students are taught water safety first before learning the various strokes. We make use of the pool at Eha Lodge and each class attends one swimming lesson per week.


We offer mini-cricket and girls and boys are all learning the game.





We have teams that practice and play netball games in the local community.


Soccer is one of our main sport codes. We host an annual inter-house soccer day where the teams play matches against each other.




 Students are taught the basic rules of the game and compete against each other.

Cross Country

We host an annual cross country event that is compulsory for all students in Grade 1 to 7.



Learner support (Bridging classes)

We have introduced learner support to assist pupils reach their potential. Currently all our students benefit from this program as it is aimed at bridging the language barriers and setting a sound foundation for future building blocks to learning. Students who have not previously had the benefit of a good foundation in education are now given extra time and attention to master important concepts and skills.



Children who feel safe, loved and respected are able to learn and develop fully.  We have a Positive Behaviour System that looks at the positives and expected behaviour as well as responsibilities of each individual.

The acronym for our system is PRIDE: Protection, Respect, Integrity, Dedication and Excellence